Friday, September 24, 2010

Luce Henriette Baptismal Record, daughter of Modeste Rasteau 1787

 Archives nationales d'outre-mer website
This is the baptismal record for Luce Henriette Tieraronne/Tieruranne, daughter of Modeste Rasteau, baptized 20 Mar 1787.  Is this ours?  One would assume so because Luce Henriette's death record also indicates her mother was Modeste Rasteau & she was 51 when she died.  The baptismal record lists the Godparents as Jacques Cameau & Luce Rasteau, and states that Luce Rasteau is the aunt of the child.    Note:  Jacques Cameau & Luce Rasteau had two children together, Marseille born 1782 & Francois.  The assumption would be that  they were married, but we have no proof yet. Where did the name Tieraronne/Tieruranne come from?  Where does Grandmaison connect?  Can anyone translate this record?  I have gleaned dates & names with my limited French.  If anyone sees any errors or can shine new light on this, please let me know.

Friday, September 17, 2010

1860 Richard & Jules Pinta, children of Joseph & Julia (Raby) Pinta, burial record from St. Louis Cathedral Cemetery, New Orleans

St. Louis Cathedral Cemetery Interment book 1857-1864, New Orleans, LA
This record shows the burial record of two of Joseph and Julia Pinta's children, Richard & Jules.  They both died of scarlet fever, just days apart in 1860.  See their death record images on this blog.  You can see that on the burial record it indicates both children were living at No 165 Gasquet, which was Joseph's address in the 1859 NOLA city directory.