Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Luce Grandmaison Death Record, 16 Nov 1838

Secretary of State, Vital Records, Baton Rouge, LA

Grand Maison Luce Miss

Be it remembered that on this day to wit: the fourteenth of December
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight and the Sixty Third
of the Independence of the United States of America, before me Vincent Ramos duly commissioned
and sworn RECORDER OF BIRTHS AND DEATHS in and for the Parish and city of Orleans, per-
sonally appeared Mr. Beauvilaires Pinta, a native of St. Dago of Cuba
aged thirty five years, a Silver Smith residing in this City
Villere Street between Dumaine and St. Ann Streets, who
by these presents doth declare that his mother, named Luce,
Miss. Grandmaison, a native of Port au Prince in the
Island of St. Domingo, now Republic of Haiti aged fifty
one years, departed this life on the sixteenth day of November
last past at seven o’clock P.M. in a house situated on Union
Street, between Morales and Urguhart Streets, Suburb
Marigny in the third Municipality, at the residence of
her son Joseph Pinta.

Thus done at New Orleans in the presence of the aforesaid Mr. Beauvilaire
Pinta as also in that of Messrs. Amadex Moret and Andre D.
Doriscount both of this city witnesses by me requested so to be, who have hereunto
set their hands together with me after due reading hereof, the day month and year first above written.

(Signed)      Vincent Ramos
Andre D. Doriscount
Amadex Moret                                                             B. Pinta

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Richard Pinta Death Certificate, Died 27 March 1860, about 4 years old

Secretary of State, Vital Records, Baton Rouge, LA
Son of Joseph and Julia (Rabby) Pinta

Jules Pinta Death Certificate, died 24 Mar 1860, about 2 years old

Secretary of State, Vital Records, Baton Rouge, LA
Son of Joseph and Julia (Rabby) Pinta

Julia (Rabby) Pinta Burial Record, St Louis Cathedral, 6 Sept 1886

St Louis Cemeteries 1 & 2 Interment Book 1880-1888
6 Sep 1886, 1st ilet Mme Julie Pinta 71 years, Tomb no 6, 1st allee a droite S. Levant (1st alley on the right facing the rising sun)

1860 Census, New Orleans, LA

This is the only mention of William Pinta, who is listed as age 11.  The 1860 census does not list the relationship to head of household, so William could be the son of some else.  Or, the census taker may have listed the wrong name for him.  The child born just prior was Eulalie, born 13 Feb 1948 and the child born after him was Jules born about 1856.  There could easily be a child born in 1849 or 1850.  However, no other information has been found, to date, on William.  Also, William does not appear to be a name commonly used by mulatto families in mid 1800's in New Orleans.  Another interesting point:  Joseph & Julia's son, Joseph, had a son named Joseph William born in 1865 and was 5 weeks old when he died.  Did they use the name of William to honor a memory of the William in the census or is it just a coincidence?  Any ideas?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Luce Grandmaison Burial Record, 17 Nov 1838, St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans

Thanks to some friends, this record has been translated.  I don't want to mention their names as I don't have permission to use their names on the internet. 

Luce Grandmaison (alias Miss Pinta) born at Port-au-Prince on the island and Republic of Haiti, and aged about fifty-one years, never having been married, and residing in the Parish for about twenty-nine years; she was the natural daughter of the late --- Grandmaison and of the late Modeste Rateau, her father and mother. Died the day before her interment at seven o’clock in the evening at the residence of Joseph Pinta, her son, situated on Union Street, between Morales and Urquhart streets (New Faubourg Marigny) in the Third Municipality of this city, the aforesaid [death] after having received the rites of the religion.