Monday, November 29, 2010

Jean Baptist Pinta

Recently, while reviewing documents for Jean Baptist Pinta, it dawned on me that perhaps he wasn't the scoundrel that I had pictured.  At about age 30 he said good-bye to his parents and siblings in France and traveled to Haiti seeking adventure and riches, probably in the sugar cane industry.  This would have been prior to1803, which was when his first known child was born in Haiti.  He later took his children and Luce Grandmaison, the mother of his children, to New Orleans by way of Cuba.  Documents indicate that he cared for Luce and the children until his death, even though Luce and JB were never married.  Speculation is that Jean Baptiste Casimir Menial (see post of 11/17/10), Luce's younger half brother, also moved with them from Haiti to New Orleans.  

Jean Baptist Pinta operated a jewelry shop at 35 Bourbon Street in New Orleans in 1811, became treasurer of the The Grand Lodge of Louisiana of New Orleans, trained young men in the jewelry business and served in the war of 1812.  After his death the The Grand Lodge of Louisiana of New Orleans, land owner Celestin Pontalba, and probably others, attempted to sue the estate claiming JB had debts to pay and suggesting that he was less than honorable.  I have not yet found where any money was to be paid to these accusers, however some of the documents were impossible to read.  Originally, my first reaction was that he was a rascal and had a sizable estate due to shady dealings.  However, in taking another look at all this, perhaps others saw the potential of trying to take advantage of the sizable estate and manufactured debt after his death.

JB carefully drafted his will leaving his estate to his siblings in France and his children.  However, he also listed people he owed money and requested they be paid.  He seemed to be concerned about taking care of family and extended family.  Could this really be a man who was also dishonest.....well look at the Godfather or Sopranos, they took care of their own while messing with the rest of the community.  Granted, they were theatrical productions but history shows that there was a good amount of truth in these lifestyles.  Was this the same type of attitude?

Hard to determine what really transpired.  All parties involved would have been influenced by his status, in one way or another.  Any ideas as to where we can get more documents?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pinta Family of Vera Cruz and Pinta Family of Louisiana

According to Southwest Louisiana Records, Rev. Donald J. Hebert, Jean Baptiste Casimir Menial Pinta was the son of Menial Casimer and Modesto Rattau, (with spelling variations), born about 1800 in Port au Prince.

The baptismal certificate for Luce Henriette Tieraronne/Tieruranne, see image on blog dated 9/24/10, shows that Luce is the child of Modesto Rasteau born 1787.  Luce later had children with Jean Baptist Pinta.

1) Can we assume that Luce Henriette Tieraronne/Tieruranne is the same Luce Henriette Grandmaison?
2) Where did the name Tieraronne/Tieruranne or Grandmaison come from?

Speculation from another researcher believes that Jean Baptist Pinta and Luce Grandmaison left Haiti with their children and Jean Baptiste Casimir Menial and raised him with their family.  JBC Menial would have been the younger half brother of Luce Grandmaison.  It is JBC Menial  who eventually moved to Vera Cruz, Mexico and developed a sugar cane plantation and JB Pinta, the elder, remained in the Louisiana area. 

This all seems very logical and the dates seem to fit, but more proof needs to be collected.  Any comments?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rasteau genealogy, as of Nov 2010

I have included the current genealogy for Rasteau/Grandmaison.  However, there is still a great deal that needs to be resolved.  Perhaps you have additional information you might be willing to share!  Thanks. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Will of Jean Baptist Pinta, died 1820

This document has been translated, but it is too lengthy to include here.  It states that Jean Baptist was never married to Luce Henriette GrandMaison ___________.  The blank name is difficult to read.  Children of this relationship are listed with ages, and then discusses his estate.  If you would like to know more details, please contact me by going to my profile and email me.