Friday, July 22, 2011

Joseph Pinta

Joseph was the 8th and the last know child of Jean Baptist and Luce.  He was born in New Orleans on 22 June 1816, baptized at St. Louis Cathedral on 30 Sept 1816. 

For several years it was believed that Joseph's middle name was Dayant.  However, after careful examination of documents including the will of JB, his father, it was determined that Joseph did not have a middle name.  Please see blog post and comments of 6 December 2010 under subcategory of wills, for a discussion of this subject.

The following document is from the Notarial Archives of  New Orleans for Notary Theodore Seghers, January - March 1836.  I believe it shows that Joseph purchased land from Charles Drouet.  However, I can't read French so I don't know what it says for certain.  It mentions Union Street, between Morales and Urguhart Street and I am not sure if is the piece of land he is buying or if that is where he is currently living, or both!  I don't think the document has any other important information, but what do I know!  It is difficult to decipher but I think the document is dated 26 April 1836.

Joseph married Julia Raby (Rabby) on 5 January 1837 at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in Mobile, AL.   They had 8 known children from 1837 to 1860 and lost two young children to Scarlet Fever in 1860.

Luce died on 14 December 1838 at her son's home, Joseph.  The death record states he was living on Union Street, between Morales and Urguhart Street, suburb Marigny 3rd municipality, in NOLA.

Joseph was listed  in the early 1840's city directories in Mobile then beginning in the 1851 directory back in NOLA  near Marais and Treme.  The later part of the 1850's they were living on Gasquet and tax lists show he was a retailer and a cigar maker/tobacconist in the 1860's at Canal & Basin in NOLA.

He died 13 February 1867 at 165 Gasquet Street in New Orleans and is buried at St. Louis Cathedral Cemetery #2 in NOLA.  Records show that his son Joseph was living at 165 Gasquet Street in 1869 so we can assume that Joseph, the father, died at his son's home.  The death certificate states he died of liver problems, however, over three thousand people parished in New Orleans from Yellow Fever in 1867.  Perhaps he also contracted Yellow Fever.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Tree Magazine Best 101 Genealogy Websites

I know this is off topic....but I had to share. 

Each time Family Tree Magazine releases their "101 Best Websites" I look to see if there is something I have not investigated.  Many of the sites are the same as previous years.  There are sites that don't interest me, some that I am already familiar and some times I get excited to find a new place to search.  If you haven't already taken a look at the list, here is the address:  <> .  Be sure to check out the entire list, but take a look at a new free search engine geared to genealogists!    <>  Unfortunately, I have not found anything new about the Pinta surname.  However, I was very successful in finding new sites for other names I am researching.   Enjoy!   

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jean Lucien Pinta

Jean Lucien Pinta was the 7th child of Jean Baptiste and Luce, was born 24 July 1813 and baptized at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans on 19 March 1814.  Little is known about this child because he died at the age of 2, and was buried 26 July 1815, according to St. Louis Cathedral records. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jean Claude Foloe Pinta

Well Jean Claude Pinta, you have really confused me!  And the rest of you will also be confused if I can explain the full scope of the conflicting documentation.  So the pressure is on.....  
  • Jean Claude was the sixth child of Jean Baptiste and Luce and was born about 1809-1811 based on his age found on various pieces of evidence.  However, I can't find a baptismal record for him, even though Louis Henry, Juan Marcelino and Marie Josephine had their baptismal records listed in Vol 10 of the Sacramental Records for the Archdiocese of New Orleans for 1810-1812. Jean Lucien is found on Vol 11 for 1813-1815.  A friend checked Vol 9 1807-1809 and found nothing for Jean Claude.  If he was baptized 1809-1811 we could assume his baptism would be listed in one of those volumes.
  • The will of Jean Baptiste in 1820, lists his son, Claude age 9 and there was no mention of a son named Juan/Jean Marcelino. 
  • The recorder of the baptism of Juan Marcelino, Archdiocese of New Orleans, listed his name incorrectly because the priest was probably Spanish and changed his French “Jean” to Spanish “Juan”.  If the priest made this error on the name, is there another error? 
  • Juan Marcelino could have died very young and perhaps we have not yet located a death record.  Was Jean Claude baptized elsewhere?  Not likely.  Did the baptism of Jean Claude get overlooked when the Archdiocese volumes were produced?  OR could Juan Marcelino be Jean Claude?                                                       
  • Jean Clode Foloe Pinta married Margueritte Colin, 28 October 1828 in Mobile.  (Jean Claude would have been age 17-19).  No known children from this marriage.
  • According to Abstracts of Orphans Court Minutes of Mobile Co, entered July 24, 1830:  John Glode Foloe PINTA produces will of TROUILLET, Margaritte, deceased, his wife.   Guardians were appointed for Emeline TROUILLET alias Emeline PINTA, infant under 14 years; and Henry TROUILLET alias PINTA, under 14.  Will book 1 states:  Margaritte Trouillet, a free woman of colour……..unto my two children, Emeline, who is aged about eight years and Louis Henry, my son aged about nine months, and to my friend Toloe? Pinta, who is the father of my two before mentioned children. The is contradictory in that the first record states they are married but the later insinuates they are not married, but Jean Claude is the father of her children. (He would have been age 11-13 at the birth of Emeline and age 18-20 when Louis Henry was born.)  Perhaps he really wasn’t the father of Emeline.  Was TROUILLET his concubine?  He just married COLIN a year before the birth of Louis Henry?   
  • Married Marie Victoria Raby 2 December 1833.  They had five children between 1834 and 1843.
  • Is Margueritte Colin and Margaritte Trouillet the same person?   
Jean Claude died the same day as Nicholas, his son with Marie Victorie Rabby, on 22 September 1852.  Cause of death has not been located for either Nicholas or Jean Claude.

Are there two Jean Claude Foloe Pinta men in the area, about the same age, with similar names?

Lots of questions and the documentation we have is unclear.  This is a great deal of info for one posting.  More research needs to be done to get this all straightened out.  So, are you now as confused as I?  Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marie Josephine Pinta

Marie Josephine Pinta was the fifth child of Jean Baptist Pinta and Luce Grandmaison.  She was born on 31 August 1810 and baptized 12 Feb 1811 at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, LA.  There is no other information located, yet, about her short life, except that at the age of 5 she was buried on 22 September 1815 at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans.  Seems New Orleans had a high mortality rate due to the summer heat and humidity which made it a perfect climate for mosquitoes.  Possibly Marie Josephine died of yellow fever or cholera, which plagued the city for years.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Juan Marcelino Pinta

Juan Marcelino Pinta was JB Pinta and Luce Grandmaison's 4th child.  He was born 1 August 1809  and baptized 20 October 1810 at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Little is known about Juan Marcelino at this point.  The 1820 census for NOLA lists Miss Pinta on St. Anne Street as head of household, showing 3 free colored males under the age of 14.  We can assume it was probably Juan and two siblings, Jean Claude & Joseph.  There has been no further documentation found on his life and the will of Jean Baptiste Pinta does not name JC as one of the children.  Perhaps he had already died by the time JB's will was written in 1820.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Louis Henry Pholoe Pinta

The third known child of Jean Baptiste Pinta and Luce Henriette Grandmaison was Louis Henry Pholoe Pinta.  He was born 1 August 1807 in Santiago de Cuba and baptized 20 October 1810 at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Louis Henry was baptized the same day as two other siblings:  Silvanie Anne and Juan Marcelino.

He went by the name of Henry throughout his life.  Has anyone heard of the name of Pholoe?  One of Henry's younger brothers was also given the same middle name, Jean Claude Pholoe Pinta.  Is this a common name of the time, did the family have a special reason to give two of their children the same middle name, or is it a title of some type?  Families often named their children the same middle name in honor of an ancestor, but at this point we have not found any ancestors named Pholoe. 

Louis Henry married Louise Etienne Jamet (unknown date) and they had one known child, Henry, who was born about 1836.  Records show that Louis Henry owned slaves and in 1847 his widow pleaded for emancipation of her slave Erlne.

Louis Henry died 26 May 1836, at the age of 30, and is buried in St. Louis Cathedral Cemetery #2 in New Orleans, Louisiana.