Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jean Louis David Desire Rasteau, brother of Modeste Rasteau

Archives nationales d'outre-mer, 1765 births, image 85 & 86
This document has not been translated, however, in my limited knowledge of the French language, I believe this is the baptismal record of Jean Louis David Desire Rasteau, son of Marie Louise Debrosse and brother to Modeste Rasteau and Lucrecia Rasteau.  If anyone can translate, it would be wonderful!


  1. Hello Edna,

    Perhaps I can try to translate:

    Baptism of Jean Louis David Désiré, free quadroon
    Today, August, 12, 1765, I baptized Jean Louis David Désiré, free quadroon, born June, 24 of this year, natural son of Louise Desbrosse, free mulatto living in this town, and of unknown father; godfather was Mr Louis David Giraudot, merchant living in this town, godmother is Anne Henriette, known as Rasteau, free quadroon living in this town,in witness whereof I signed with the godfather and the godmother.
    Signed: Henriette Rasteau, Giraudou[ot?], de Pradine, priest

    I hope to be helpful for you.

  2. Thank you so very much for translating this. It is just great! We appreciate so much!