Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mystery Monday-birth and death date for JB

To start the New Year let's talk about Jean Baptiste Pinta.
1)  What is his birth year/date?
2)  What is his death date?

Born 1767 or 1768:  If I am reading the document correctly, JB was 35 when he was a witness at the baptism of Anne Joseph Brunet on 9 September 1803 (see image on 13 Dec 2010 post).

Born 1775-1794:  1820 Census for New Orleans, LA does not list the names of each person in the household, however, head of household is Miss Grandmaison.  All members of the household are listed as free colored persons except for one, who is listed as a white male between age 26-45.  If this entry was referring to JB, he would have been born 1775-1794.  The rest of the Pinta family members fit into each age category, living at Rue Ste Anne which is where JB was living when he made out his will in April of that year.  Considering the census began in 7 August 1820 and JB died in May, perhaps the census taker included all who had lived in the household in 1820.  This would explain why Miss Grandmaison (Luce) is listed as head of household. 

Born 1772-1773:  Death Record for JB states he died 3 May 1820 at the age of 47, if I understand it correctly.  This death record was recorded on 22 July 1820, several months after his death.

Born 1767 or 1768:  If correctly translated by a friend, JB's will was written on 29 April 1820, which states he was about 52 at the time (see post of 5 November 2010 for image). 

Born 1768 or 1769:  The Sacramental Records of the Roman Catholic Church of the Archdiocese of New Orleans states he was buried on 14 May 1820, his death date was omitted, and he was age 51 when he died.

JB's death record, above, states he died 3 May 1820 and the Archdiocese record mentioned above, states he was buried 14 May 1820.  Something is incorrect.  He would not have been buried 11 days after his death, unless maybe there is an interesting story about it, which we will probably never learn.  But I doubt it!  I think one of the dates is wrong.

If I were to settle on a date I would probably choose 1768 for JB's birth and 13 May 1820 as the day he died.  Let me know what you think. Anyone have any additional documentation showing birth or death dates for JB?  Any ideas?

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  1. You might want to resaerch the burial and funeral customs of the time, place, and culture. He would have probably been laid out for family to grieve and view him, or perhaps there was an onslaught of deaths in that time period and they just couldn't get to him. I would definitely do more research on the areas customs and history, see if there was an epidemic, etc.

    Record keeping is always a tricky thing. I have an ancestor whose birth wasn't recorded with the state until she was 30 years old. Who knows how reliable that information is!