Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Tree Magazine Best 101 Genealogy Websites

I know this is off topic....but I had to share. 

Each time Family Tree Magazine releases their "101 Best Websites" I look to see if there is something I have not investigated.  Many of the sites are the same as previous years.  There are sites that don't interest me, some that I am already familiar and some times I get excited to find a new place to search.  If you haven't already taken a look at the list, here is the address:  <> .  Be sure to check out the entire list, but take a look at a new free search engine geared to genealogists!    <>  Unfortunately, I have not found anything new about the Pinta surname.  However, I was very successful in finding new sites for other names I am researching.   Enjoy!   

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