Friday, September 24, 2010

Luce Henriette Baptismal Record, daughter of Modeste Rasteau 1787

 Archives nationales d'outre-mer website
This is the baptismal record for Luce Henriette Tieraronne/Tieruranne, daughter of Modeste Rasteau, baptized 20 Mar 1787.  Is this ours?  One would assume so because Luce Henriette's death record also indicates her mother was Modeste Rasteau & she was 51 when she died.  The baptismal record lists the Godparents as Jacques Cameau & Luce Rasteau, and states that Luce Rasteau is the aunt of the child.    Note:  Jacques Cameau & Luce Rasteau had two children together, Marseille born 1782 & Francois.  The assumption would be that  they were married, but we have no proof yet. Where did the name Tieraronne/Tieruranne come from?  Where does Grandmaison connect?  Can anyone translate this record?  I have gleaned dates & names with my limited French.  If anyone sees any errors or can shine new light on this, please let me know.

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