Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pinta Family of Vera Cruz and Pinta Family of Louisiana

According to Southwest Louisiana Records, Rev. Donald J. Hebert, Jean Baptiste Casimir Menial Pinta was the son of Menial Casimer and Modesto Rattau, (with spelling variations), born about 1800 in Port au Prince.

The baptismal certificate for Luce Henriette Tieraronne/Tieruranne, see image on blog dated 9/24/10, shows that Luce is the child of Modesto Rasteau born 1787.  Luce later had children with Jean Baptist Pinta.

1) Can we assume that Luce Henriette Tieraronne/Tieruranne is the same Luce Henriette Grandmaison?
2) Where did the name Tieraronne/Tieruranne or Grandmaison come from?

Speculation from another researcher believes that Jean Baptist Pinta and Luce Grandmaison left Haiti with their children and Jean Baptiste Casimir Menial and raised him with their family.  JBC Menial would have been the younger half brother of Luce Grandmaison.  It is JBC Menial  who eventually moved to Vera Cruz, Mexico and developed a sugar cane plantation and JB Pinta, the elder, remained in the Louisiana area. 

This all seems very logical and the dates seem to fit, but more proof needs to be collected.  Any comments?


  1. Hello,

    Sorry for my poor English, but I am French!

    I am very interesting by your blog about Pinta family, because I research descendants of Marie Jeanne Ferté, mother of Jean Baptiste Pinta. Ferté and Pinta are families of important farmers in Picardy (Valois area, near Soissons and Compiègne, 120 km North-East from Paris).

    Baptismal certificate of “Luce Henriette Tieraronne/Tieruranne” : in my opinion, we have to read « Luce Henriette, tierceronne…”. A “tierceronne” is a crossbred girl. So, Tieraronne/Tieruranne is not her last name. I think (without proof) we can assume that Luce Henriette, daughter of Modeste Rasteau, is Luce Henriette Grandmaison. But I don’t know where this name come from!

    Do you know why, in Rasteau genealogy, the son of Modeste Rasteau and Casimir Menial is named Jean Baptiste Casimir Menial Pinta? And his children, only: Pinta, and not Menial? For me, he had no reason to add Pinta to his name?

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. Your English is very good. The translation of tierceronne would be very accurate because documentation indicates that Luce was a free women of color. The name Grandmaison is a puzzle. That information is of great help to us.

    Some researchers believe that Jean Baptist Casimir Menial Pinta took the name of Pinta when he moved to Louisiana with the Pinta family, making an appearance that he was one of the children. Casimir would have been under 5 years old at the time of the move. Another researcher, who has gathered a great deal of documentation, states that he usually called himself Casimir/Casimer Pinta and would use any portion of his name depending on the document. The only document that has been located showing the name of Menial is his marriage certificate which lists himself as Casimer Menial.

    I have not done any research on Jean Baptiste Menial Pinta, so information I provide is from research done by others. My focus is Jean Baptist Pinta and Luce Grandmaison and their ancestors and descendants. However, he is still of interest to me because the entire Pinta family is a very interesting family.

    Thanks again for posting a comment and clearing up some of our questions.