Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Charles Beauvilaires Pinta

Charles Beauvilaires Pinta was probably the first born child of  Jean Baptiste Pinta and Luce Henriette Grandmaison.  Born about 1803, in Cuba.  On 19 February 1829, at the age of about 26 in Orleans Parish, Louisiana, he married Eulalie Allain, daughter of Valerien Allain and Dorothee Lassise.  Eulalie was the widow of Pierre Derestan Dalcour.  Charles Beauvilaires and Eulalie had five known children between 1831 and 1838.

According to a fellow Pinta researcher, CB was a sponsor at the baptism for one of Casimir Pinta's children in April 1827.

In the early to mid 1830's CB's occupation was listed as dry goods/grocery.  He bought & sold slaves, and was trying to find his direction in life to best support his family.  Beginning in 1838 records indicate he was a jeweler and continued in that occupation through 1855.  Previously, in 1822,  his mother Luce was a jeweler, continuing her late husband's business.  It would appear that CB worked with his father, learned the trade and perhaps helped his mother after JB died in 1820.

CB opened an account at Freedman's Bank on 4 February 1873.  He was listed as white and living at Gasquet #165.  He outlived his wife and children and died at the age of 70 on 17 March 1873 in Orleans Parish, Louisiana. 

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