Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silvanie Anne Pinta

Silvanie Anne is the 2nd of the known children of Jean Baptiste Pinta and Luce Henriette Grandmaison.  Silvanie was born about 1806 and died in Mobile, AL on 17 May 1847 at the age of 41.  Information about her life has been difficult to locate and a fellow researcher has done a great deal of searching for the mysterious Silvanie.  She had children with a man whose last name was Prados but we are not certain of his first name.  It also appears that Silvanie was never married.  Documentation indicates that Silvanie used her sister's name, Marie Josephine Pinta, on several occasions and perhaps took her identity for several years after Marie passed away at the age of 5 in 1815.  Supposition is that Silvanie did this because Marie Josphine's birth certificate states she is white.  Silvanie, in the process of "passing", seized an opportunity to help her accomplish her goal.  We will continue to look for Silvanie and hopefully answer some of the questions we have about her life.

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