Saturday, March 19, 2011

Louis Henry Pholoe Pinta

The third known child of Jean Baptiste Pinta and Luce Henriette Grandmaison was Louis Henry Pholoe Pinta.  He was born 1 August 1807 in Santiago de Cuba and baptized 20 October 1810 at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Louis Henry was baptized the same day as two other siblings:  Silvanie Anne and Juan Marcelino.

He went by the name of Henry throughout his life.  Has anyone heard of the name of Pholoe?  One of Henry's younger brothers was also given the same middle name, Jean Claude Pholoe Pinta.  Is this a common name of the time, did the family have a special reason to give two of their children the same middle name, or is it a title of some type?  Families often named their children the same middle name in honor of an ancestor, but at this point we have not found any ancestors named Pholoe. 

Louis Henry married Louise Etienne Jamet (unknown date) and they had one known child, Henry, who was born about 1836.  Records show that Louis Henry owned slaves and in 1847 his widow pleaded for emancipation of her slave Erlne.

Louis Henry died 26 May 1836, at the age of 30, and is buried in St. Louis Cathedral Cemetery #2 in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

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